I am passionate about helping you feel fantastic!

With the knowledge of how to make healthy choices coupled with self-care, I can help you establish a healthier life.

– Vicki Parker

Entering your… 40’s, 50’s or 60’s?

Starting to feel a little shabby?

  • Your jeans are too tight? or
  • You are foggy in your brain? or maybe
  • You have achy joints?

Maybe you have, or are worried about, becoming diabetic, developing osteoporosis or arthritis?

I can help you...

I help women like you gain back your vitality, tackle health issues with confidence and feel good in your skin. The next years ahead can be your best, most powerful years and you CAN transition into these special years with grace and flexibility.


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Three ways I can help you ...

Your Gut Matters

Start with your gut

Get my free eBook and supportive emails to support and direct your learnings in how to improve the colony of bacteria that live in your gut and keeps you well.

5 Day Body Detox

Got a special event to attend or just feel blah?

Designed to reset your metabolism, kick start your fat-releasing process, learn to control cravings, hunger, mood swings, and sugar cravings by balancing blood sugar. Lose 1-3 kgs in the first 5 days.

You will get the foods and tools in this virtual/online experience to get you back on track to more vitality.

It is possible to feel better, fitter and trim down in your 40’s, 50’s, 60’s and beyond!

SexyFit Nutrition Challenge

Transform your life with this 33-Day program.  You can do this as a Group Challenge where you will get cheered on and supported by the other SexyFit participants. Or...

You can opt to do it at a time that suits you best.  Pick your start date and get support from your SexyFit coach.

Click below for further information and to register.

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