Mindful Eating: 7 Tips to Navigate Temptation in the Workplace

When I started my health journey I was 29 years of age, living alone and working in a remote community, in an office mainly solo. When you do not have anyone else’s food influences impacting on you (plus having limited food outlets to choose from) it is so damn simple to eat and drink what […]

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Tisanes (Herbal Teas)

Water is the essence of life. About 71 percent of the Earth’s surface is water. When drought hits, the soil dries out, the plants wither, and we feel parched. That’s because we are also made up of water. It accounts for 70 percent of our body weight, 80 percent of our blood, 70 percent of […]

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When starting out on a journey to prioritise your health it can be overwhelming.  So many changes to be made.   Where to start? I want to make this simple for you.  Give you the foundational tools.  Once you bed down the foundations you can springboard to new foods, swapping ingredients that are not so […]

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Girl sleeping in bed with eye mask

6 Tips To Improve Your Sleep

Do you get 8 hours of sleep consistently? Sleep is a super important part of a healthy lifestyle…. Here’s why: Almost all of the body’s restoration happens at night – when you’re sleeping. When you allow your body enough rest, amazing things happen. When you sleep, your body restores any damage it can in your […]

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dairy-free, vegan gluten-free breakfast, blueberries, banana, maple syrup and cinnamon

{New Recipe} Clarity Oatmeal

Run out of meal replacement shakes or just need a breakfast switch up? I am a Nutrimeal meal replacement fan (especially the chocolate flavour) so it is unusual for me to have something different for breakfast. But this recipe hits the spot!  It’s wholesome, nutritious, delicious and super easy and quick to whip up in […]

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Man on top of mountain

100 Life Goals to Create Vitality

Do you feel you could do with a bit more energy? You eat well, you’re drinking plenty of water, getting a good night’s sleep, and taking high-quality supplements, but you still feel a bit blah? Then read on because this could be your missing link! Life goals.  Do you have them?  You know, things that you […]

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7 Tips To Survive The Sugar Season

Christmas for me has always been about family get-togethers, hanging around someones home, wearing Santa hats, giving out gifts and tucking into delicious food and wine.  When we were kids, my mother never failed to bake the best Christmas chicken and roast potatoes and we always had Rocky Road,  pudding and custard and a trifle. […]

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6 Health Tips To Do In 2019

Here are 6 easy lifestyle factors that you can add to your daily routine over a few months. You may already being doing some of these. Rate yourself from 1 – 10 on each of the tips. One being low, i.e. you never do it, and 10 being high, i.e. you do this all the […]

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Red Head matches with the middle on alight

9 Tips To Reduce Inflammation In The Body

One of the most significant medical discoveries of the 21st century is that inflammation is the common thread connecting not just the obvious autoimmune and allergic diseases but most chronic disease, including heart disease, obesity, diabetes, cancer, dementia, and depression. In fact out-of-control inflammation causes insulin resistance. The insulin resistance then creates even more inflammation, and […]

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featured image for article on peaceful living in a stress-filled world

Peaceful Living In A Stress-Filled World

There was so much fascinating information shared at International Convention 2018. But as stress is something we are all exposed to, I felt you might like to know what Dr Isaac Meza, from Sanoviv Medical Institute, suggest we do to manage it. These are my notes from his workshop on the topic. But first, what […]

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