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The Gut Brain Connection

Hippocrates, the father of natural medicine, said “all disease begins in the gut” and modern research is proving his theory correct.

Scientists have identified that our bodies are more bacteria than cells. Did you know that?

And it is so important that you become familiar with the microbiome, the role it has, diversity, things that positively and negatively affect it.

Microbiome is the name for the population of bacteria, parasites, viruses and a host of other microscopic things that live all over our bodies. In our mouths, on our skin and in our gut. Yes its true!

If your gut is out of balance, then this is the BEST place to start.



The gut microbiome is a complex community of bacteria that can be made up of 100 trillion microbes and over 5,000 different species, and it can weigh up to 2 kilograms when it’s healthy!  Think of that.

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This eBook is designed to support you to take action to improve your gut health and awaken you to the power of “gut matters” and your “second brain”.

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It is filled with vital information, if put into practice, can have a dramatic effect on how you feel physically, emotionally and mentally.

Gut Anatomy * Microbiome * Epigenetics * Causes of Inflammation * Functional Medicine * Microbiome and Mental Health, Benefits of Prebiotics and Probiotics * 10 Keys To Living An Anti-Inflammatory Lifestyle * 10 Tips To Start Making Your Home Cleaner * Do's And Don't When Doing A Cleanse