Spinach Sweet Potato Lentil Dahl

This recipe is quickly becoming a favourite in our home, packed with fresh, seasonal vegetables and spices to support the digestion and immunity, alongside healthy fats of coconut cream that you give you energy. It is spicy enough to keep my Indian husband happy but not too spicy that I don’t enjoy it and it is perfect for those cooler months.

This recipe comes from the team at Food Matters and won’t break the bank. And you can make a double batch and freeze half. Just don’t add the spinach until you are ready to eat.

Optional topping ideas: fresh coriander and coconut yoghurt or avocado slices.

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salad, buckwheat, walnuts

High-Fibre Salad

Fresh raw vegetables are good to have all year round but salads really come into their own in the warmer weather.

This is the perfect recipe to add to the festive season table as it will give you and your guests plenty of water-based vegetables to help with hydration and the whole grains add additional fibre.

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Caramelised Cauliflower + Leek Soup Recipe

Delicious creamy caramalised cauliflower and leek soup. This takes no time at all if you have the vegetable/chicken broth in the freezer and the nuts activate and ready.

Remember if you don’t have any broth you can always use a good-quality broth powder. I like to keep a tub of Nutra Organics Vegetable Broth Garden Veggie powder in the pantry for just such occasion.

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