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You get a 10% discount as a preferred customer. There is no obligation to sign a standing order but  you will receive a 20% discount on the retail price if you do.

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Where to start

  • The CellSentials (item # 101) a vita-antioxidant and core mineral duo pack, and
  • BiOmega (item #122) pure fish oil in capsules with lemon to reduce the fishy taste.

These two products will set your cells up to become healthier.

If you suffer from gut health problems we suggest you start with the following digestive health regime and do this for a week before adding in the CellSentials and BiOmega.

  • Digestion support product: Digestive Enzymes (item #111)*
  • Gut support product: Probiotics (item #108)
  • Gut and bowel support product: Fibergy Plus - (item #226)
  • Liver support product: HepaPlus (item #135)**

*Note: This product is only available in the US and some other markets.
**Note: In the US and some other markets this product is called Hepasil DTX.

If weight is your issue, have a look at the Be Healthy tab (see More) as the focus of this program is on losing excess weight, creating healthy habits and maintaining your ideal weight.