Staying healthy whilst travelling

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Next month Claude and I are off to Salt Lake City for the annual convention. This is such an exciting time of the year for us. The fun of travelling, trying new foods, catching up with international friends, being exposed to seminars, workshops and speakers like Tony Robbins and John Maxwell.

We do this every year in August and are getting good at travelling light and staying healthy.

Here are my top tips for a great trip

  • Dressing for the plane. Some years ago I read a GOOP (Gwyneth Paltrow blog) post that recommended dressing in layers. So that is what I do. I wear soft pants, a cami (so I can go bra-less when I am ready for sleep), long t’shirt like top, scarf , flats and jacket.  It looks smart but is very comfy.  I use the socks they provide in the travel kit, saving space in my carry on luggage.
  • In my carry-on luggage I include headphones for the on-line entertainment (those ear buds make my ears hurt after a while!), a re-usable water bottle, good book, my toothbrush (not my toothpaste as the tube is too large and I don’t want it confiscated. They usually provide you with a small tube in the kit along with socks and eye mask). Lip balm which I keep close at hand for making sure my lips don’t dry out, lipstick and eyeliner for looking a little put together when I walk off the plan.  Spare pair of underwear (in case my luggage goes missing), notepad and pen for any ideas that come to mind during the flight. I have some travel size pots of my Celavive skin care range so I take this with me to keep my skin hydrated during the flight.

Image of Healthy Inflight snacks from Usana

Healthy Inflight snacks from Usana.

  • On the plane I take enough nutrition to get me through 24 hours – my CellSentials, BiOmega, MagneCal D and Proflvanol C 100. Two probiotic sachets (to keep my digestion moving along well), two Rev3 sachets (I prefer to drink this than coffee and it is a great pick me up for when you arrive at the destination after a 13-hour flight).
  • During the fight, I might have one glass of champagne or a white wine but that is all as I find it too dehyrdrating. I drink loads of water. I avoid eating the food unless it is gluten-free otherwise I end up very bloated. I take snacks with me – small bag of almonds, 2 Nutrimeal shakes & an apple, just in case the food options are not good. If you are not organised beforehand, purchase your fruit at one of the airport shops.
  • When we get to Salt Lake City we love to stock up at Harmon’s Whole Foods. We stay a whole week in Salt Lake City and prefer to stay in an apartment with a kitchen so we can prepare our own meals. We stock up on eggs, salads, fruit, nuts and tasty things to add to our meals and snacks.
  • Salt Lake City has amazing food! We have some favourite restaurants. An Italian Restaurant which is a bit of walk from the city centre but worth it.  The Blue Iguana Mexican restaurant which we always go to with friends and have a Margarita or two! And if we get the time, BTG Wine Bar and Caffe Molise.

Image of Blue Iguana restaurant Salt Lake City

The Blue Iguana restaurant in Salt Lake City

  • When we are book into our accommodation I do a mini facial to get my skin hydrated again. Every morning we go for a walk up Capitol Hill for views of the city and to keep ourselves fit for the long convention days.
  • This coming trip we are going to hire a car and hike in one of the national parks. So looking forward to that!
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