Delicious but healthy recipes

These are some of my favourite recipes that I have collected over the years. Because I am gluten sensitive you will find my recipes do not contain gluten. However if gluten is not an issue for you, you may substitute with ingredients that you prefer.

I would say however, that most people have some level of gluten intolerance and do not know it. So give the gluten free diet a go, for at least 28 days and see how you feel. If you feel less bloated & sore in the tummy you are probably gluten intolerant.

Gluten-Free and Dairy-Free ChocolateBy Vicki ParkerThis recipe is the starting point to creating a variety of different chocolate delights. It contains no gluten or dairy and is packed with nutrients that help promote cellular energy production, and healthy muscle function as cacao, the star ingredient, is one of the richest sources of magnesium.
High-Fibre SaladBy Vicki ParkerFresh raw vegetables are good to have all year round but salads really come into their own in the warmer weather. This is the perfect recipe to add to the festive season table as it will give you and your guests plenty of water-based vegetables to help with hydration and the whole grains add additional fibre.
Caramelised Cauliflower + Leek Soup RecipeBy Vicki ParkerDelicious creamy caramalised cauliflower and leek soup. This takes no time at all if you have the vegetable/chicken broth in the freezer and the nuts activate and ready. Remember if you don't have any broth you can always use a good-quality broth powder. I like to keep a tub of Nutra Organics Vegetable Broth Garden Veggie powder in the pantry for just such occasion.
Beet-Pickled OnionsBy Vicki ParkerThis recipe comes from Dr Mark Hyman from his book 'Food - What the Heck Should I Cook?' It is a simple and easy way to increase a food that is bacteria friendly into your diet. Within 20 minutes you can add a spoonful of beet-pickled onions to whatever you are eating to support the good bugs in your gut. Enjoy!
Healthy Chilli Dish for those cold nights (red meat, white meat or vegan option)By Vicki ParkerTry this easy recipe that is full of flavour and very filling. You don't need a lot! And if you are feeding growing teenagers, then this is a great recipe to have on hand as it will fill them up! You can omit the meat to make it vegan, or substitute the red meat for chicken. If you do that I would suggest using the same quantities of chicken mince.
Choc Raspberry RippleBy Vicki ParkerWhen you are in need of a chocolate fix this is a super simple recipe that you can whip up and have ready to snack on in 30-60 minutes (depending on how well your freezer works). This recipe comes from Sarah Wilson's recipe book 'I Quit Sugar'. I have changed it slightly. To make a vegan version, drop the cows butter and either increase the coconut oil or use a block of coconut butter, but be sure to add in a pinch of salt.
Strawberry Panna CottaBy Vicki ParkerThis luscious diary-free, gluten-free recipe comes from Dr Mark Hyman. I have used agar agar which is a vegetarian substitute for gelatine obtained from algae. It is quick to make, but needs a minimum of 1 hour to cool before eating.
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